Who We Are

Performance Cycleworx was founded by Chuck Giachetto, a highly skilled, experienced and nationally known motorcycle tuner.  Chuck has been actively working and participating in all levels of motorcycle racing for nearly 25 years. From street riders, to track day enthusiasts, to helping professional AMA race teams, at Performance Cycleworx we bring professionalism, honesty, and integrity to every job, and every order.  We perform at the same level for you as we do when racing up front at the track.

Some recent examples of our work:

  • Performance Engine Builds -  trackday and supersport, superbike, drag, and HD.  Mild to wild -- how fast is your wallet?

  • Suspension Setup, Upgrades, Installs, Rebuilds, and Data Acquisition - Ohlins, Penske, K-Tech - shocks, forks, 25mm and 30mm cartridge kits, fork springs, shock springs, setup, trackside suspension builds and consulting services.

  • Electronics, ECU Tuning and Flashing, Traction Control, Data Acquisition - Dynojet Power Commander, Autotune, Bazzaz, Yoshimura, Custom ECU flashes, Kit box ECU flashes - Garnered from years of racing involvement, we have leveraged our unique relationships and partnered with ECU and electronics experts from across the country to help you with state of the art engine management systems like Power Commanders and Bazzaz as well as ECU tuning, maps, ECU flashes, and data acquisition.  From measuring suspension travel, to installing your Power Commander, to supporting you at the track with a full Motec or Marelli engine management system, there are no electronics or data jobs we can't handle.

  • Rider development and coaching - Armed with analytics and data, and having practiced the art of carefully listening and communicating with riders and racers on their own level, we know how to help riders where and how they need it.  From a first time track day, to an AMA racer, our skills in working with enthusiasts to improve their lap times comes from years of hands on experience, hard work, and many hours spent learning more about the human brain.

  • Safety Innovation for Track Day Riders and Racers - After seeing what happened on the last lap of the 2011 Daytona 200 involving many riders at high speed coming to the finish line that tangled up as a result of brake lever contact by another motorcycle, Performance Cycleworx knew something had to be done. Let’s face it close racing is the best racing! Performance Cycleworx became obsessed with building a proper brake lever protector, and was the first to develop the product in the US.  We are always looking for new ideas and ways to keep our friends and family safer.

Whether you're placing a small online order, need a single tire change on a street bike, want an exhaust, or need your suspension upgraded, or even if you need our help or advice racing in the Daytona 200, count on us to deliver results. Period.